Lee Gorman and associates promote brands and products through the stories they have to tell and amplify them to your customers wherever they are. Our purpose is to inspire, innovate, create, design and integrate campaigns through all channels from advertising to social, written word to trade shows, to print to online.


We believe great work comes from understanding how your customers feel and behave. Our creative and strategic work is built on how you not only visualize your customer, but how your customer visualize their customer. We need to immerse ourselves in their world, where we almost become your customer.


I formed Mllc, an association of independent creative thinkers from a variety of marketing disciplines: advertising, design, pr/media, social media, global services, web marketing, interactive media.

We're flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual assignments. We stay close to our clients, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team.

We  work on projects both large and small and look forward towards opportunities where our experience can assist companies with their marketing, and making friends along the way in the trade we enjoy so much.


We come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some creative, some strategic and others technical but we are united in one obsession: great work that delivers success and results to our clients.


Contact: Lee Gorman, Mllc

PO Box 328, Seekonk, MA.

EM: mllcgorman@gmail.com

Telephone:  401 996 4706