Mllc virtual team was hired to promote hudsonecofuel developed by the The Hudson Company. The first producer of Biodiesel fuel in the state of Rhode Island. Developed for the industrial, consumer, and marine industry.

We created a 3-prong approach , relying heavy on community outreach along with trade events and industrial speaking engagements.


Mllc was selected by MPM Corporation to bring a new product to marketing given only 3 months for an introduction campaign which ended at the Electronic Trade Show..

Through our virtual team, we completed a full promotional package including trade advertising, direct mail campaigns, a call to action featuring a DVD containing information and videos on the new product, concluding with pre- and post PR, and a speaking engagement from the divisional president.


One of their marketing objectives was to expand their presence into the European market.  The trade show they were participating in was the International Resins and Pigments Show in Brussels.  They wanted a branding experience that would make them the talk of the industry.

To accomplish this goal, our virtual team took into account two significant facts:  Fabricolor is a leading American manufacturer of color dyes and color pigments, and American cowboys are a readily recognizable icon to most Europeans.  These ideas led to the creation of Fabricolor Presents the Colorful American West, a theme that was incorporated into all advertising, public relations through ad specialty items.

Our virtual creative team designed a western them trade show booth that also served as a customer meeting room.  To keep the crowds entertained, the booth featured a highly entertaining CD interactive video game, Quickdraw Macdraw.  In addition, multi-lingual models were employed to mingle with the guests and snap Polaroids of them posing with the cardboard matinee hero of their choice: Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.


The Rhode Island Philharmonic and Music School was looking for a new symbol for their joint efforts of running both a orchestra and school.

The virtual team steeped in and suggested and then developed a symbolic connection  between both partners. The corporate  between both partners. The corporate identity that was created was a joint effort and decision between both groups. When referring to the orchestra the "the word" will be the same PMS as "Rhode Island and Philharmonic", same as when the music school is center stage.


The Narragansett Clothing Store needed a branding company to help them with their new private labeling and development of new stores on the east coast.

Mllc Created the first branding program for the Narragansett private label. Using in-store displays, social media and direct mail campaigns for their 22 store east coast clothing chain.