Case Study

 CEO Publicity:  Richard M. Oster

Often a company is best represented to the media through its CEO, especially when that individual is both dynamic and articulate. Recognizing these qualities in Cookson America chairman Richard Oster, Mllc developed a pro-active publicity strategy for him which included pursuit of editorial interest from both local and national business publications.

Research indicated that Oster had not yet been introduced to a very wide audience, despite his service in very visible civic and business capacities.  A placement strategy was developed which focused on his responsibilities as CEO of a $3 billion multi-national conglomerate, at the heart of that relationship, was the fact that he was an American coming to the rescue of a floundering 300-year old British-based industrial enterprise in the grip of excessive 1980s debt.

Following this instinct, a variety of publications were “sourced” n search of likely fits for the Oster/Cookson story, and letters of interest along with applicable background information were forwarded to a number of editors.  Phone contacts followed to determine interest and provide follow-up.  To those editors who expressed a level of interest in an eventual story, a patient buy persistent effort was made to stay in touch, to update, and to suggest interview possibilities.


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