Fabricolor.  One of their marketing objectives was to expand their presence into the European market.  The trade show they were participating in was the International Resins and Pigments Show in Brussels.  They wanted a branding experience that would make them the talk of the industry.

To accomplish this goal, we took into account two significant facts:  Fabricolor is a leading American manufacturer of color dyes and color pigments, and American cowboys are a readily recognizable icon to most Europeans.  These ideas led to the creation of Fabricolor Presents the Colorful American West, a theme that was incorporated into all advertising, public relations through ad specialty items.

My creative team designed a western them trade show booth that also served as a customer meeting room.  To keep the crowds entertained, the booth featured a highly entertaining CD interactive video game, Quickdraw Macdraw.  In addition, multi-lingual models were employed to mingle with the guests and snap Polaroids of them posing with the cardboard matinee hero of their choice: Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.


Out of 300 other exhibitors, do to our overall branding program, no booth received more atention than the Fabricolor booth. They achieved their goal and were truly the talk of the International Resins and Pigments Show.

Mllc  - Lee Gorman


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