is a landing page delivered to a recipient with a personalized URL containing customized content.


Engage your customers and prospects with PMM

With PMM you can create a unique response URL for every Direct Marketing target

How do we work?

Step 1: Database, database, database, whether we receive from you or we gather the information.

Step 2: We create a highly personalized, eye-catching direct mail piece. and sends it to the intended recipients.

Step 3: Print digitally addressing particular participants.

Step 4: The recipient types their personalized URL into an Internet browser and visits their personal landing page.

Step 5: After a designated time period, the recipient receives a very personal email reminder, if they have not yet responded to the direct mail piece. If they have responded, they will receive a thank you email. Both follow-up emails link directly to the individual’s personal landing page.

Step 6: The personal landing page is designed to spur a recipient to respond to the call to action. A call to action would be filling out a contact form, making a purchase, clicking for a coupon, clicking a link to browse another page of your site, etc. Recipients that respond to the call to action make the campaign a success!

Step 7: Once your direct mail piece has been sent, you will have access to a dashboard that indicates who checked out their landing page, how long they browsed the site and the responses they submitted.  PMM help identify your recipient’s needs, gather valuable information about them and track their response rates in real-time.

All of this information is provided instantly and updated with every response, providing qualified data that you can instantly use to promote your products and services in ways that directly relate to the individual.  Get superior results by sending your message using PMM.

Landing Page

A LANDING PAGE is a web page that users are directed to, in response to tactics such as direct mail, email, banner

and PPC ads.

• Let your landing page increase your contacts, turn clicks into leads and conversations.


• Landing pages are effective 0ver 90% of the time.


• PURL capture their attention with a message directed towards them personally.

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