Mllc has gone through many changes and lives and is a collaboration of many expert professionals and good people in the advertising/marketing area. We have people who's careers have taken many turns as one's personal professional life does with a decade or two in the marketplace.

We seen advertising professionals going from two martini mad men lunches to independent people working out of their homes through out the country but connected through one company for one purpose.

Awareness of our environment I believe was early recognized by many people in our industry. At Mllc we believe Sustainable Marketing is the direction that all companies need to follow.


Creative is a mind set that carries over all aspects of marketing whether it is a campaign, a well designed brochure, a full marketing blitz with creative Internet, radio, TV or a great PR program.

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APM-Sterngold  Bank of Newport   Beacon Mutual Insurance    Bevmar Industries    Cape Cod Healthcare

Clementine Jewelry   Clifford Metal   Colibri   Comtec   CompuGard   Cookson America   Cookson Electronics    Cooskon Plastics    DeerField Village    DF Pray   Fabricolor   Fraunhofer Insitute of Computer Graphics   Hudson Companies    Kreisler   Laurelmead    Legacy Yachts   Major Video

Metronet    Narragansett Clothing   Neptune Benson   Neurosurgery Foundation    Seikagaku America    Tech Industries

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A.J.Oster   Anyart center   Bank of Newport   Barrington LIbrary   Bevmar Industries   Cadre Technologies   Cape Cod Healthcare    Clementine Jewelry   CompuGard   Colibri   Cookson America   Cookson Electronics    Cooskon Plastics   County Tyme Chicken   DF Pray   Fabricolor   Fraunhofer Insitute of Computer Graphics   INI-Nouvm   Kollmogen    Kreisler   Legacy Yachts   Narragansett Clothing   Princess House   Providence Washington Insurance   Response Technologies   Rhode Island Philharmonic   University of Rhode Island    Westerly Hospital

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APM Sterngold   Clifford Metal   Cookson America   Comtec   Cookson Electronics    Cookson Plastics   DF Pray    Fabricolor   Fabricolor Vous Healthwatch   Latino Film Festival    Providence Tourism Council    University of Rhode Island   Fraunhofer Institute of Computer Graphics



Mllc Seekonk, MA.

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telephone: 508 465 6552  c 401 996 4706