The Virtual Virtual World of Mllc

Economics due to the Coronavirus, has created confusion from large to small companies. Our mission has always been to create a virtual working environment for the benefit of our clients, to give them the best experience at the most economical prices. Now more important than ever for companies to create or keep their foothold on their market share and sales efforts. We are here to serve during this turmoil time, as part of our continuing mission.

Talented seasonal professionals, we have them when you need them. Why pay for a group of great  people when it is not called for, but it's great to have them available when you need them.

No office, no problem. There are great places for our creative team to hang their hats, I think they prefer a specific coffee shop.

We know how to use our tools: Skype, Base Camp, Google Docs, Facetime, Dropbox etc. Whenever possible we stand up, go out our doors and meet in-person, that coffee shop again. Fostering new contacts whenever possible, face to face, to build up a rapport with new and old clients.

When time is important, even creative ideas/work can be sent through the Internet.

Our creative collective: art directors, content managers, designers, networking and distributed teams, professionals who know the drill serve all our clients and potential clients and work individually in a collective.